Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the new home of North Star Craft Soda! This is our blog area where we will update you on our line of premium craft sodas that are made right here in Minnesota!

Since owner Mark Lazarchic acquired both Whistler Classic Soda and North Star Craft Soda, we have big plans for our small company! Mark is locally known for a variety of the companies that he has founded including Renaissance Fireworks which supplies most of the state with fireworks in the summer. Nationally, his company sells sparklers for a variety of different occasions including Wedding Day Sparklers (sparklers for weddings), Sparkler City (bottle sparklers for nightclubs), and BirthdaySparklers.com (birthday cake sparklers). Building off the success of those businesses, he plans to take the craft soda industry to incredible new heights.

As far as this blog, whether our soda becomes available at new locations or we decide to add new flavors to our selection, you can find out about everything first right here in our blog. Thank you for drinking North Star Craft Soda!