About Us

North Star Craft Soda has become a tradition in Minnesota due to our unique and delicious flavors that are made with purified water and pure cane sugar. But our success didn’t happen overnight, it’s been a long road to become one of Minnesota’s favorite local craft soda companies.

North Star Craft Soda is made and bottled at the Whistler Soda bottling facility in Spring Lake Park, MN. The bottling facility is now located just an arm’s reach from Blue Sun Soda Shop, which proudly carries over a thousand flavors and styles of craft sodas from around the country and around the world. The bottling facility wasn’t always located in Spring Lake Park, but since the move our tiny line of craft soda has grown leaps and bounds!

In 2016, both Whistler Soda and North Star Craft Soda were purchased by entrepreneur Mark Lazarchic along with the 1952 Crown, Cork and Seal Dixie Model F bottling line necessary to make craft sodas in small batches by hand (pictured below), the way it was done decades ago. Building off of the success of his previous business ventures, Mark decided to follow his dream to build the world’s largest soda shop, and soon he decided to start bottling soda himself!

Moving forward, you can expect new exciting flavors from North Star Craft Soda. As a premium line of craft sodas, we pride ourselves on formulating exciting new flavors that we perfect over time, so please be patient while we craft our magic. From everyone at North Star Craft Soda, raise a bottle and enjoy everything that the north has to offer!

North Star Bottling Line